Are your freight management processes broken? Find out how eCargo can help you.

Is your freight management broken?

  • Do your suppliers want to lock you in with their own transport management systems and tell you their delivery performance?
  • Does your own ERP system provide some freight management functions but is expensive to implement, doesn’t integrate well with your service providers and delivers a poor user experience?
  • Do you have little visibility over your freight costs or ability to accurately reconcile their validity?

What eCargo can offer you

eCargo delivers a complete freight management software solution that addresses these fundamental problems.

As a highly flexible freight management solution, eCargo lets you rapidly deliver savings by taking control of all your freight. By bridging the gap between ERP and transport management systems through seamless integration, eCargo gives you visibility and control of freight movements, performance, costs and invoicing.

Visibility and control

With eCargo’s freight management software all the information you require is in one place. No more chasing staff or service providers for DIFOT reports, freight cost accruals or freight volume analysis.

High speed low cost deployment

Measure deployment timeframes in weeks not months, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional supply chain and ERP solutions.

Neutral platform with no supplier lock-in

Integrate once with eCargo’s software then never worry again about managing system changes when your distribution model and suppliers change.

eCargo is not only used by manufacturers but also by logistics service providers and transport providers. Read more about how our customers use eCargo.