Freight dispatch

Use eCargo to improve your freight dispatch activities. See features that will ensure you execute freight plans simply and effectively.

It’s all very well having a transportation plan, with your preferred suppliers with the best rates, but executing on that plan is not always as simple. Use eCargo’s freight management software to improve your freight dispatch activities and ensure you execute to plan.

Screenshot of Dispatch Online

Web based consignment dispatch

  • Bulk functions for creating and updating many consignments at once
  • Automated carrier selection
  • Print documentation:
    • Consignment and manifest notes, with barcodes
    • Dangerous goods forms
    • Pallet labels
    • Customised logo and templates
  • Manifesting of consignments into a single load
  • Pickup and delivery windows
  • Freight tracking by consignment, order, booking or container number.
  • Inwards goods
  • Full consignment change history
  • Real time alerts for:
    • Priority jobs
    • Cancelled jobs
    • Reverse logistics