Our security policy


The security of your personal, business and financial data is very important to us. We continue to invest and improve the infrastructure that protects your data.

User access

Access to eCargo is protected via username and password. Only once you successfully login to eCargo can you access your business & logistics information. The eCargo security model is role based, which means that another eCargo customer cannot see any of your data unless they are one of your supply chain partners.

If you leave your computer unattended for an extended period, you will be automatically logged out.

Secure financial information

We suggest that all users have strong passwords and that you limit who in your team can see your company’s financial information, such as freight rates, costs and accruals.

Hosting environment

eCargo is hosted on an industry leading cloud hosting platform, who manage a purpose built, high availability hosting facility with full 24x7 operational system monitoring service. Physical access to the hosting environment is restricted by biometric access control to authorised staff.

External access to our servers is controlled by redundant border router and intruder protection systems, which are configured and monitored according to industry best practice.

Back-ups and recovery

We run backups nightly, full offsite backups weekly and transaction log backups of our database every 20 minutes so we can immediately recover your data if necessary.

To ensure high availability we have in place high capacity and physically diverse internet connectivity, with redundant upstream data providers (ISPs). Redundant UPS protection with separate power feeds across each rack and standby diesel generation to ensure continuity of electrical supply.