Our customers

Our customers love using eCargo, but don’t just take our word for it. Learn how eCargo helps businesses of all shapes and sizes with their freight management.

Industrial and FMCG

Manufacturers face many pressures in the supply chain, from limited storage capacity and short freight execution timeframes, to excessive transportation costs.

Gain control over your freight execution and realise direct cost savings using eCargo:

  • Automate communication of freight requirements to service providers
  • Optimise use of dispatch labour resources
  • Implement a standard dispatch system across your business
  • Control reverse logistics and pallet management
  • Accurately measure and reconcile your freight costs

Logistics providers, warehousing and distribution specialists

Integrate with customers and supply chain partners, automate key performance indicators, consolidate freight costs and manage margin.

As a logistics service provider, you have many different customers with differing distribution requirements. Key to your service provision is integration and visibility over your customer’s distribution network, as well as managing carrier rates and customer rates to effectively increase your business’s profit margin.

eCargo provides you with:

  • Low cost integration across customers and carriers
  • Real-time visibility over your customers’ freight requirements
  • Ability to centralise operations
  • Management of carrier and customer rates
  • Automation of billing and reconciliation to service providers and customers

Transportation providers

As a Transportation Provider, you will have many different customers and suppliers (sub-contractors), each of which will have their own unique transport management systems. Integrating with your Transportation Management Solution (TMS) can be a difficult and costly task.

Let eCargo integrate with your customers and suppliers, allowing you to focus on your core business of moving freight:

  • Improve fleet utilisation with more timely and accurate visibility of customer’s freight requirements
  • Reduce data entry through integrating with customer systems
  • Deploy eCargo as a web based front end to your customers and sub-contractors
  • Seamless integration with your Transport Management System
  • Improve cashflow through integrated customer e-invoicing