Invoice settlement

The real value of eCargo is delivered by reconciling your freight invoices.

This is where things get really exciting, and where much of the value is delivered by implementing eCargo’s software. If you currently spot check freight invoices, or manually reconcile line by line, eCargo will automate that task for you. If you cannot get an accurate accruals figure for freight costs, eCargo will deliver that to you.

eCargo automates the process of reconciling freight invoices using actual freight movements, agreed freight rates and allowed variances. It provides a clear business process to manage exceptions.

Alternatively use eCargo’s software to issue buyer created invoices at the click of a button for self billing, removing the need to reconcile supplier invoices at all.

Screenshot of the invoice details screen in eCargo

Invoice details screen

  • Clear workflow for creating, reconciling and approving invoices
  • Simple dashboard for invoicing and managing exceptions
    • Detailed rate error management and diagnosis
  • Buyer created invoicing
  • Create legal invoices in PDF & CSV formats
    • Automate sending of invoices to customers and suppliers
    • Custom logos and templates
  • Import and reconcile supplier invoices:
    • Reconcile invoiced vs rated amounts
    • Customise allowed variances
  • ERP integration to automate payment processing & settlement
    • Supports management of G/L, vendor and customer coding